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A big Hello to all you horse crazy folks and welcome to Triple L Farm’s home on the web! I want to share some thoughts I had just the other day… I was thinking about my childhood growing up and how even back then horses have been a part of my life….I grew up in a family of 7, I never had the pleasure of having a pony or owning my own horse…who could afford another mouth to feed with 5 kids back in the 70’s!!! I can remember begging my folks for a horse and being so disappointed every time I was told no….it was such a heartbreak back then but now as an adult person I can certainly understand why that was not possible! I never let that stop me though…I was always playing “horse”…either I was pretending I was one or I was playing with a model one! No wonder my knees are bad today since I did all that crawling around like a horse as a child! I can also remember riding my bike for miles to a place outside of town where I knew there were ponies and I’d go prepared with apples or sugar in my pocket with hopes that one of those ponies would come to the fence and let me pet them! I would also ride my bike to the country to friends that had ponies and when I was finally old enough to drive, I had some great friends that would let me drive out to their place and ride their horses…My mother hated that I was disappointed and would always tell me that maybe when I got married I could have a horse…well you know mom is always right! I got married, and then a couple years later I bought my first horse (in 1984 when I was 20yrs old).  I knew nothing about showing, all I wanted to do was pet and love that pretty animal that I had waited for all my life…now that I think about it, that mare was not that pretty (ha!) but she sure seemed beautiful at the time! At first all I wanted to do was ride…then later I discovered the wonderful world of halter horses, and the ones with spots on them really caught my eye! WHEW HOO! I was hooked! I started showing paint halter horses in 1998, I started out with one little filly and have over the years been able to purchase several that have made me very happy! I have been working ever since then to improve the quality of my stock, I have had some success and some failures but above all I have been so blessed, my wonderful Lord and Savior has provided me with so many things to be thankful for….a great husband, family, friends and the wonderful spotted horses that I have always dreamed about! I give God all the glory!


Please enjoy your visit and if you have any questions or comments about any of our horses please feel free to call or email!


On the 8th day God created the Quarter Horse…on the 9th day he painted the good ones!


Thank you,

Laura L Linnemeyer

Triple L Farm

thanks for visiting my website!

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